New Dog Run Opens On River Road

by Gabe Bullard

A fourth dog run, where pets can be let off of their leashes, has opened in Louisville.

The new dog run in Champion’s Park at the old River Road Country Club site, covers about 4 acres. St. Matthews resident Sally Hallman says she likes it more than the other facilities she visits, so she brought her dog to Champion’s Park for the run’s grand opening.

“We were at Cochrane before this opened, but we like this one better,” she says. “It’s just larger and there’s more grass and there’s just a lot more space for the dogs to run.”

The city’s other dog runs are at Charlie Vettiner Park, Cherokee Park and E.P. Tom Sawyer State Park.

The new run cost about $30,000, which was raised by the Dog Run Association. To use any of the area runs, dog owners must purchase a permit for each pet.

“Once you have a permit, though, you can visit any of the dog parks in the Louisville Metro area,” says Dog Run Association president Brian Davis. “As far as the fee, the first dog is $30 and then the cost goes down the more dogs you have. The second dog is $20, the third dog is $10 and then each dog after that is $5.”