Ouerbacker Mansion Restoration Still In The Works

by Gabe Bullard

Restoration efforts on the Ouerbacker Mansion on west Jefferson Street are moving slowly, though the house’s owners say that may change soon.

Metro Government sold the nearly 150-year-old mansion to Studio Kremer Architects in 2008. The firm established the Ouerbacker House Restoration Foundation to raise money to restore the building. Some repairs were done to keep the mansion standing, and board member Scott Kremer says it will take about two million dollars to finish the work.

Kremer says once the repairs are done, the house will be turned over to a nonprofit organization to use as offices. Until that group confirms it will move in, though, Kremer says fundraising will be difficult.

20082 House2
“As many people ask us ‘What is the end use and who will occupy the house?’ and not only the who, but sort of a ‘Why?’, working with a not-for-profit, and this particular one in this case, we believe that really will be the focus, then people will understand why we’re doing this and it really will be the impetus for people to give money.”

Kremer declined to name the organization that’s interested in the mansion, but he says he hopes a deal is near completion.