Injured Baby Gorilla Transferred to Zoo's Animal Hospital

by scrosby on April 16, 2010

by Stephanie Crosby

The two-month old baby gorilla at the Louisville Zoo who is still recovering from serious injuries suffered earlier this month has been moved from its mother’s care to the care of the zoo’s animal hospital. The still unnamed infant had to have part of its left leg removed after an altercation between the three adult gorillas of her family group led to the injuries.

Veterinarian Dr. Roy Burns says the baby was recovering well with her mother until about two days ago.

“There were times when it would sort of look like it was falling asleep and letting its head fall back a little bit,” says Burns. “Also, they noticed when the baby was on the mom’s breast, there wasn’t the aggressive, active suckling motion in the baby’s mouth, the baby would just sort of hold on to the nipple and not be actively suckling.”

He says the change doesn’t mean the baby has taken a turn for the worst.

“This little baby, considering the challenges it’s had, is doing quite well,” says Burns.“What it really needed was a certain antibiotic administration and good, aggressive, nutritional support for it to launch into a more rapid phase of healing to make sure this little baby recovers.”

Burns says the baby is now being cared for by hand by zookeepers. He says hopefully in a few weeks the baby gorilla will regain its strength and can be returned to her mother.

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doreen rosanen April 16, 2010 at 3:13 pm

Losing part of a leg for any primate, or animal as
it is not convenient for them to use crutches is a very
serious matter.This incident would never have happened if staff was around and could understand what was going to happen before it actually happened, and there should have been more gorilla females to assist in protecting the baby. Very serious thoughts
should have been made the moment the baby was
removed from her Mother. Please do not place her in
front of the visitors to be gawked at. If any visitor has
empathy they will give money to make her life easier.
I cannot blame any of the gorillas for what had happen-
ed. So very, very sad.. for she is absolutely beautiful.
Why can’t humans be more attentive to the well-being
of their animals. I wonder if this little sweetheart
really wants to live any more. I am a person who
thinks every day with common sense, compassion,
empathy, reasoning, wisdom and morals. I am pray-
ing that zoo’s staff will take extra precautions and
proper measures to make sure Mother gorillas and
their young have adequate protection.. and I am not
blaming the Father (silverback).

doreen rosanen April 16, 2010 at 3:22 pm

Is Louisville Zoo going to give this little girl gorilla and
her sweet Mother a life time of extra good care ( I hope
it is understood what I mean by extra good care), and
not shift her about. Pregnancy is unthinkable, and same with her Mother. Give them the very best care,
for the rest of their lives; please do not look at her
situation , when she gets older, as “her missing leg
didn’t stop her from becoming pregnant” – please do
not do that, just make her and her Mother’s life very
comfortable and pleasant, if she is to live.

doreen rosanen April 16, 2010 at 3:33 pm

My prayers are with you little one, in that whatever you
wish for yourself now, I want it to be a comforting

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