Board of Ed Considers Extending Testing Window

by Stephanie Crosby

When the Kentucky Board of Education meets this week in Frankfort, it will consider expanding the window of time in which students must take the state’s accountability tests. Spokesperson Lisa Gross says a large number of Kentucky schools missed instructional days this year.

“Nearly every school district had some kind of impact from either weather or illness,” says Gross, “and we won’t really know until the board makes a decision on whether or not that window will be expanded exactly how many districts will ask for one of the options that may be offered.”

Gross says the board will consider allowing schools that have missed a lot of instructional time to take the tests in May instead of April, so they are held to the same standards as schools that didn’t miss as many days.

She says members will also get updates on changes to the state’s accountability testing system and legislation pending in the final days of the General Assembly.