Fines for Smoking Ban Violators Still on Hold at IUS

by Stephanie Crosby

Indiana University Southeast still hasn’t implemented fines for its two-year-old smoking ban, as was originally planned January first. Administrators delayed initiating the fines when they were met with opposition from a campus task force.

IUS spokesperson Erica Walsh says an administrator at Indiana University in Bloomington has called a system-wide meeting to address the issue.

“We are not alone in this issue,” says Walsh. “All campuses of Indiana University went smoke-free at the same time, by a mandate from the board of trustees, so all of our campuses are experiencing challenges with enforcement. So we’re waiting to see, as a university, how we want to respond to this.”

Walsh says the meeting won’t end in a mandate for all IU campuses, but will likely make suggestions. It’s expected to take place in May or June.