Creative Cities Summit Begins In Lexington

By Alan Lytle, Kentucky Public Radio

The Creative Cities Summit begins Wednesday in Lexington.

The conference brings together business leaders, entrepreneurs, and city officials from across the nation to discuss new ways of tackling old problems.

Event Co-producer Phil Holubek says one challenge facing cities these days is the fact that young
professionals are a much more selective about where they live and work.

“The baby boomer generation definitely looked at job first, city second. They get a job and move wherever the company told them to go. Today’s millennial generation, 78% of millennials say ‘we will look at a city first, and then we’ll try to get a job and survive in that city.’ What that means is as a city, you better be able to create this great quality of life,” he said.

Guest speakers include urban theorist Richard Florida and Rebecca Ryan, founder of NextGeneration Consulting and an expert on issues confronting young professionals.

The conference runs today Wednesday through Friday at the Lexington Convention Center.