Wet-Dry Vote To Be Held Tuesday

by Gabe Bullard

Residents of a precinct in the Parkland neighborhood of west Louisville will cast ballots in a wet-dry vote Tuesday.

About a fourth of the 19-block precinct is dry. But in the rest of the precinct, liquor sales are allowed, and among the five establishments selling alcohol is a Kroger, which has a beer license. The company says a dry vote could hurt business.

Advocates of a dry vote say they don’t want too many liquor stores in the neighborhood, but Metro Councilwoman Judy Green says there are other ways to control that.

“We could petition to block their license,” she says. “I think everything is done on a case by case basis, but we could petition to block their license.”

Green says public opinion is split on the issue, and it’s too close to predict which way the vote will go.