Tennessee Woman Plans to Swim Ohio River This Summer

by Stephanie Crosby

A Tennessee woman is planning a 981-mile swim in the Ohio River this summer to raise awareness about educational needs for girls around the world.

Mimi Hughes has completed similar swims in the Tennessee and Danube Rivers and across the Bering Sea. She says she wanted to focus this swim in the U.S., because there are local families who struggle with education issues.

“It’s a beautiful river,” says Hughes. “I was in Louisville and went for a run and just ran across the Ohio, I mean, it’s gorgeous, how can you not fall in love with it?”

Hughes will begin her swim in Pittsburgh on May 22nd, and hopes to complete her swim in Cairo, Illinois on July 17th. She expects to be in the Louisville area on June 25th.

Hughes says she’ll be stopping along the way to spread awareness about organizations in the Ohio River Valley, the Middle East and Africa that are working to promote education for girls and women.