Olmsted Conservancy Seeking Donations To Fight Invasive Plants

by Gabe Bullard

The Olmsted Parks Conservancy is seeking donations to help fight invasive plants in its Louisville parks.

The conservancy is 150 thousand dollars away from reaching a 5 million dollar goal to fight invasive plants. President Mimi Zinniel says the alien species began thriving in the park after the 1974 tornado, and left unchecked could devastate wooded areas.

“…the bush honeysuckle, the winter creeper, porcelain-berry and other damaging plants and vines that suck the life out of the soil and kill the native plants,” she says. “Without attention, half the trees in Cherokee Park could be dead in ten years.”

The conservancy hopes to receive 150 thousand dollars in donations by June 1st. If it does the James Graham Brown Foundation will provide an additional $900 thousand toward the fight against invasive species.