Yarmuth Supports Obama's Offshore Drilling Proposal

by scrosby on March 31, 2010

by Stephanie Crosby

President Barack Obama is set to announce today a proposal to allow offshore oil drilling along some previously restricted portions of U.S. shoreline. Congressman John Yarmuth of Louisville says he favors the move, which is seen as a compromise with Republicans as a climate bill is debated on Capitol Hill.

Under the proposal, a large part of the Atlantic coastline would be opened for drilling, as well as part of the eastern Gulf Coast and the north shore of Alaska.

Yarmuth, a Democrat, says also wants to see some specifics.

“The only concern I’ve always had is that we make sure that when we sell the rights to drilling wherever it may be, that we put a requirement on those oil companies to actually explore and drill,” says Yarmuth, “because what’s happened in many instances is, they take the permits and they never act on them.”

Yarmuth says he suspects the oil companies would rather hold the permits to offshore drilling sites, but keep prices for their existing resources high.

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CEA March 31, 2010 at 3:37 pm

We at CEA applaud President Obama for his serious focus on a comprehensive energy policy. As stated by the President in his speech, our nation needs to adopt a broader strategy for meeting our energy security. This strategy involves balancing the use of traditional sources of energy, expansion of alternative energy’s role, as well as continuous strives to improvements in energy efficiency. It is from these conditions that America can ease itself from foreign oil by relying on more domestic resources while strengthening our economy in term of jobs and revenues.

The administration’s intention to potentially unlock millions of energy-rich acres along the OCS suggests this president is well-aware of the tremendous benefits to our economy and our security that responsible exploration makes possible. These are benefits that must be realized not only in the near-term exploration of oil and natural gas offshore, but in the aggressive, long-term pursuit of efforts to convert the wind, the sun and the tides into stable and affordable sources of energy for the future.

Some elements of the plan released today indicated willingness by this administration to pursue the vast amounts of offshore resources that the United States possess. That being said, the cancellation of the already scheduled lease sales in Alaska, a state that holds the promise and potential to provide this country with so much more than policymakers in Washington permit it to, was a huge set back for today’s struggling economy . We’re also disappointed that in putting forth a new plan that doesn’t begin until 2012, further delays will be encountered in ensuring already scheduled lease sales between now and then are actually held.

Want to learn more about balanced energy for America? Visit http://www.consumerenergyalliance.org to get involved, discover CEA’s mission and sign up for our informative newsletter.

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