Pitino Plans To Stay At U Of L Through 2017

by Gabe Bullard

University of Louisville men’s basketball coach Rick Pitino says he wants to stay at the school until 2017 and then retire at age 65.

Pitino’s current contract is set to expire in 2013, but today (Wednesday), the U of L Athletics Association Personnel Committee moved to negotiate a four year extension. The terms of the contract have yet to be defined and the full association must vote on it, but Pitino says he plans to stay in Louisville.

“I’ve always thought as a young coach the grass was greener elsewhere. And most young coaches think that,” he says. “And as you get older—I should not say older—as you get wiser, you realize the grass is not greener elsewhere.”

Pitino, who has been at U of L for nine years, currently makes about $2.5 million annually. He will receive a $3.6 million loyalty bonus Thursday.