Legislative Schedule Adjusted As Budget Talks Continue

By Tony McVeigh, Kentucky Public Radio

Legislative leaders in Frankfort are adjusting the calendar of the 2010 Kentucky General Assembly. 
Budget negotiators need more time, so Tuesday will be a day off, and lawmakers will return on Wednesday.  By then, House Speaker Greg Stumbo hopes to have a budget compromise. 

“We’re close on some of the sticking points in principle, but we still have a large issue to come to agreement on,” Stumbo said Monday.

That would be the $1 billion in bonded school, highway and bridge projects in the House budget that were removed in the Senate budget. 

If a compromise is reached by Wednesday, the budget would go before lawmakers for a vote on Friday.  The session would then recess for ten days, excluding Sundays, to give Gov. Beshear time to consider possible vetoes. 

The session would end on April 15.