Yarmuth Not Concerned With Backlash Over Health Care Vote

by Gabe Bullard

Third District Congressman John Yarmuth says he doesn’t think talk of repealing the recently passed health care overhaul legislation will come to fruition.

Yarmuth returned to Louisville Friday touting the parts of the legislation that take effect this year, such as the elimination of pre-existing conditions on some health plans and changes to prescription drug plans for seniors. He says any candidate supporting the overhaul’s repeal will have to oppose those reforms.

“Let them go ahead and do that. I think that would be a wonderful political strategy that would elect a lot of Democrats,” he says.

Yarmuth says his office has received calls congratulating and condemning him for his vote on the health care legislation. He says he has not received any threats. He was the only member of Kentucky’s congressional delegation to support the package.