Gun-Toting Capitol Visitor Raises Concerns

By Tony McVeigh, Kentucky Public Radio

Some Kentucky lawmakers are sounding alarms over the carrying of handguns into the State Capitol while the legislature is in session.

Louisville Rep. Mary Lou Marzian rose from her seat to decry the presence of an individual armed with a handgun in the House gallery Monday. Marzian says there’s a lot of anger in today’s society and the Capitol is no place for guns.

“The metal detectors and guards at the entrance give families a false sense of security, if we are letting loaded weapons in the gallery,” she said.

Current state law does not prohibit openly-carried handguns in the Capitol. Concealed weapons, even with permits, are not allowed in the House and Senate chambers and committee rooms. Representatives Marzian and Jim Wayne are calling for further review of all statutes and rules pertaining to guns at the State Capitol.