Dropout Bill Awaits Action In General Assembly

by Tony McVeigh, Kentucky Public Radio

Only nine days remain in the 2010 Kentucky General Assembly, and lawmakers are hustling to finish their work on time.

Among the hundreds of bills still awaiting final action is legislation raising Kentucky’s dropout age to 18 by 2014. The bill, which passed the House 94-6 on March 4th, still awaits action in the Senate Education Committee. Is it going to make it? Committee chair Ken Winters.

“There’s a variety of sentiments on the bill, but I think sentiment right now is that we do hear the bill,” he says.

That’s good news to House sponsor Jeff Greer. “Hopefully, it will be passed out and it will head onto the Senate floor for a full vote.”

Other bills still awaiting final action include the texting-while-driving bill and the sexting bill, which addresses the growing problem of minors using cell phones to transmit nude photographs of themselves to others.