Yarmuth Thinks Health Care Debate is Almost Over

by Stephanie Crosby

Congressman John Yarmuth of Louisville says a procedural vote that could be employed by Democrats to try to pass health care legislation is just a way the game is played in Washington.

Some Republicans say the vote that would ‘deem’ the Senate version of the bill approved without an actual vote on it would allow lawmakers afraid of re-election challenges to hide from their vote.

Yarmuth says he’s ‘agnostic’ on the issue.

“If people need that to make them feel better about it, then that’s fine with me,” says Yarmuth. “I don’t think it’s really – nobody’s really going to be able to claim ‘well, I didn’t support the bill’ if in fact they voted for this rule.”

Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich announced today he’ll change his previous opposition to now support the legislation. Yarmuth thinks more Democrats will do the same.

He says a vote could come by Sunday.