Lawmakers Consider Waivers for School Days

from Kentucky Public Radio’s Tony McVeigh

Kentucky schools may again be allowed to waive some instructional days lost to bad weather and student illness.

Last year, lawmakers let schools waive some instructional days lost to Hurricane Ike and the ice storm. This year, a similar request is being made for school days lost to snow and flu, especially in eastern Kentucky.

A bill allowing districts to seek waivers for the loss of more than 20 instructional days now has House Education Committee approval.

But many members, including chairman Carl Rollins, are concerned about the waivers.

“I think we need a long term solution, so that we don’t come back every year to do the same thing,” says Rollins.

The committee also approved a Senate bill allowing early high school graduation for students who meet strict academic requirements. The measure also creates a scholarship fund for such students. Both bills advance to the House floor.