Big East Tournament Underway in New York

by Stephanie Crosby

Big East tournament play started today in New York. The University of Louisville men’s basketball team joins the action Wednesday night against Cincinnati.

Coach Rick Pitino says Saturday’s emotional win over then-number-one-ranked Syracuse has boosted the team’s spirits.

“I think they feel real good about themselves,” says Pitino. “I’m not sure if any of you, or them believed they’d get 11 wins six weeks ago, to tell you the truth, I wasn’t real sure either. But it was a goal we achieved and now I think they feel real good about that.”

The Big East championship game is set for Saturday in New York.

The SEC Tournament kicks off Thursday, and the University of Kentucky is set to play Friday afternoon. They’ll face off with the winner of the South Carolina/Alabama game.

The Big Ten Tournament also starts Thursday. Indiana is in first round play Thursday afternoon against Northwestern.