Kentucky General Assembly Enters Tenth Week

By Tony McVeigh, Kentucky Public Radio

The 2010 session of the Kentucky General Assembly, which began on January 5th, is entering its final few weeks.

After passing a revenue bill last week, the House this week will pass the appropriations bill that determines how the revenue will be spent. Then, the Senate will weigh-in. With one exception, House Republicans voted against the revenue bill’s heavy reliance on accelerated sales tax collections and suspension of business tax breaks. Will their stance affect how Senate President David Williams approaches the revenue bill?

“I didn’t get an opportunity to listen to what the House Republicans had to say about it, but obviously, just philosophically, you can make a general statement that Republicans are usually more reticent to support increases in taxes,” Williams said Friday.

House leaders spent six weeks building a budget from the ground up after rejecting Gov. Beshear’s spending plan based on casino gambling revenue. The House and Senate now have three weeks to reach consensus on a final budget plan.