Dropout Bill Clears Kentucky House

By Tony McVeigh, Kentucky Public Radio

Kentucky’s drop out age may soon rise. It’s currently 16, with parental consent, but a bill raising the drop out age to 18 by July 2014 sailed through the House 94-6. House Minority Leader Jeffrey Hoover voted with the majority.

“Rather than saying for some of them, I can’t wait until I’m 16, they have to say, I have to wait until I’m 18. And if we keep two or three of those kids in school, and they go on and get that diploma, then it’s worth it,” Hoover said.

The House also voted 64-36 for the revenue package that helps support the next biennial state budget. The revenue and drop out bills now move to the Senate. A House vote on the budget is expected next week. Only 19 days remain in the 2010 session, which began on January 5th.