H1N1 Still Active In Louisville

by Gabe Bullard

Louisville Metro health officials say the H1N1 virus is still a threat, but it’s not the public health concern it once was.

Dr. Matt Zahn with the Metro Department of Public Health and Wellness says the H1N1 virus was first identified in Louisville almost a year ago, and it’s unusual that infections are still being reported.

“Every year a new strain comes back, but you don’t have the exact same strain summer-over, so to speak, and then hang around through a new season” he says. “So it’s just been an unusual season. Fortunately, most disease has not been severe, but this virus is a new virus that we’re still learning about.”

Zahn says a few local H1N1 cases are still reported each week, and the health department will continue to offer vaccines as long as the virus is active.