Rallies Held To Protest Bunning

by Gabe Bullard

Demonstrations are were held across Kentucky Tuesday to urge Senator Jim Bunning to stop blocking an extension of unemployment benefits. At a rally in Louisville, about 50 demonstrators criticized the senator for his actions.

Out of work industrial painter Robert Smith came to the protest after learning his unemployment checks would stop coming next week.

“I went up there to find out, because I ordered my last check yesterday and it was only a piece of a check and I went up there to see if the final extension was there. I talked to my foremen at my work, and we have the work, but nobody wants to start it because of the stinking economy.”

The rally in Louisville was one of three in Kentucky organized by Lieutenant Governor Dan Mongiardo, who is seeking the Democratic nomination for Bunning’s seat. Mongiardio’s Democratic competitors Jack Conway and Maurice Sweeney have also spoken out against Bunning. Republican candidates Rand Paul and Trey Grayson say they support Bunning’s maneuver.

Bunning says he supports the benefits’ extension and other elements of the package that’s stalled in the Senate, but will continue to block the legislation until it’s paid for.