Louisville Moves Forward With Library Plan

Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson says the city is moving forward with plans for a new regional library, though it isn’t clear when there will be money to pay to build the facility.

Abramson says Metro Government will use the remaining money in the city’s library plan fund – about one-point-seven million dollars – to pay for the design and planning of a new regional library off Dixie Highway.

He says now is the time for architects and engineers to do their work.

“Do that over the next several years, so that in the year 2012, when we believe the economy will be in better shape, we’ll be able to float the bonds and be prepared to open our first regional library in the southwest area,” says Abramson.

It’s estimated the new 40-thousand square foot library will cost 13-to-15-million dollars.

The long-term library plan also calls for new regional libraries in the northeastern and southeastern part of the city. There are no design plans for those libraries yet.