Yarmuth Reacts To Health Care Summit

by Rick Howlett on February 25, 2010

By Rick Howlett

Congressman John Yarmuth of Louisville says he believes Thursday’s health care summit in Washington gave those who watched it a better understanding of the alternatives available for overhauling the system, but there’s still a wide gap between Democrats and Republicans on the issue.

Yarmuth, a Democrat says GOP lawmakers are holding fast to their belief that overhaul legislation should focus on tort reform, insurance portability and prevention initiatives.

“In my opinion, that does not get to the root of the problem, which is that there’s no way we will ever be able to deal with the rising cost of health care unless we get everyone into the system and figure out where the real inefficiencies are,” he said.

Yarmuth says he’s optimistic that Congress can go back and produce substantive health care overhaul legislation, but it might happen with no Republicans on board.GOP leaders want Democrats to scrap their proposals and start anew.

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Michael Diebold February 27, 2010 at 6:32 am

Rep. Yarmuth, I beleive that we need a public option for uninsured people. This needs to be run by the Federal Government as counterweight to the exploitive and for profit insurance companines that dominate heath care insurance in the US today. The companines have and will continue to raise premiums, exclude those at risk and work for the benefit of their executives. They enjoy an anti trust status that exempts them from real competition. They do not operate in our best interest. Please work for us- the ordinary people, to insure the best deal for the common good of Americans, or at least an affordable good deal. I am one who cannot buy insurance for my wife who has been unfairly categorized as at risk, but who takes no pills and is very healthy.

Thank you for serving,
Michael Diebold

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