Homeless Shelter Task Force to Meet Again Tomorrow

by Stephanie Crosby

Louisville’s Homeless Shelter Task Force meets for the fourth time tomorrow in an effort to tweak the city’s land development code.

The task force was created in response to Wayside Christian Mission’s attempt to open a homeless shelter downtown. It was determined then that the land development code lacks certain specifics about where homeless shelters can be located.

Metro Planning Assistant Director Dawn Warrick says the task force is still working on defining different types of services, like homeless shelters, boarding houses and day centers.

“We need to wrap up the discussion on precisely what definitions we feel like are necessary to be included in the regulations, because the next step is starting to talk about more specifically where,” says Warrick. “Once we define what, we need to start talking about where.”

Warrick says the task force will eventually make a recommendation to the Metro Planning Commission, which will make a recommendation to the Metro Council.