Environment Committee Discusses Floyds Fork, Water Contamination

by Gabe Bullard

The Louisville Metro Council is poised to pass the master plan for developing the Floyds Fork area.

The plan calls for two large parks, new trails and a drive connecting the parks. It cleared the planning and zoning committee Tuesday and Thursday was a topic of open discussion for the Energy and Environment Committee.

Committee chair Brent Ackerson says he wants the master plan to bring more attention to Floyds Fork.

“This is really more than just a creek or park, this is a public and private effort to essentially ensure that we are preserving lands—we’re taking proactive steps to make sure we’re not just overbuilding and tearing up the treasures that we have, that once they’re gone, they’re gone,” he says.

Teena Halbig from the Floyds Fork Environmental Association told the committee she supports the development plan. She then called for local and state legislation to monitor pharmaceutical runoff in Floyds Fork, to ensure that the new parks remain safe.

“These are contaminants and they are up and coming things that we need to be looking at,” she says.