Metro Council Committee To Look At Floyds Fork

By Gabe Bullard

The Louisville Metro Council’s Energy and Environment Committee will review the development plan for the Floyds Fork area Thursday.

The plan was passed out of a different committee on Tuesday. Majority caucus spokesperson Tony Hyatt says the environment committee will not consider any changes to the plan, but will instead review it for public education

“It’s going to be an information and an educational session, according to the chair, to find out what the environmental association in the Floyds Fork area has been doing, what they believe needs to be done as far as protecting the watershed, protecting the creek as well,” says Hyatt. “[The development plan] was just basically how to keep the green spaces area around the fork as well as keeping an eye on the kind of developmentā€”residential or commercial developmentā€”that would be near the creek.”

The panel will also hear from the Floyds Fork Environmental Association. This is the new committee’s second meeting. Hyatt says the panel wasn’t formed to consider or vote on any specific legislation, though it may eventually do so.