Dueling Clause Bill Clears House Hurdle

From Kentucky Public Radio’s Tony McVeigh

A bill that aims to eliminate the dueling clause from Kentucky’s Constitution has cleared its first hurdle in the Kentucky House.

For 160 years, Kentucky officeholders and members of the bar have been required to swear that they have not fought a duel with deadly weapons. But Louisville Rep. Darryl Owens believes the requirement is archaic and should be eliminated.

“It has no relevance to our time. And again, I think it’s as much a image thing. The image that a lot of people have of Kentucky, to be quite honest, is not very good. And this does not enhance our image in any way or fashion,” he said.

Lawmakers on a committee chaired by Owens apparently agree, voting unanimously for a constitutional amendment doing away with the dueling clause. The bill now moves to the House.