TARC Board Hears Service Cut Proposals

The Board of Directors for TARC met this morning to hear proposals from the public transit agency’s staff about proposed service cuts. TARC is expecting a five-and-a-half million dollar budget deficit in the upcoming fiscal year. The proposals include eliminating twenty bus routes and making cuts to fifteen others.

Executive Director Barry Barker says the board wasn’t pleased with the situation.

“Nobody likes this,” says Barker, “This is absolutely the wrong thing for us to be doing. The board knew this was coming. If we could find the funding some place to do this, we could keep this service on the street. We need to be adding service, not taking it away.”

Barker says stimulus funds last year allowed TARC to avoid making drastic service cuts, but that money runs out this year.

The proposed cuts would take effect June first. They’ll hold public meetings on the changes in March.