Local Tech Company May Leave Louisville

A local CEO is thinking of moving his tech startup company out of Louisville.

Rob May launched Backupify last June. The company lets customers backup their data from social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and May is considering expanding his operations.

May says he’s had trouble finding financial support in Louisville, and he’s had difficulty getting direct flights from the airport to meet out-of-town investors. He’s thinking of moving the company to what he believes would be a more tech-friendly city.

“If you’re going to be a country music star, your best chances are in Nashville. If you want to be in the movies, Hollywood is your best chance,” he says. “I think to give Backupify the best chance possible, it might make sense to move somewhere else.”

May says he may move Backupify to New York, Boston or Silicon Valley sometime this year. The relocation would move about five jobs out of Louisville.