Humana Announces Job Cuts

Louisville-based insurer Humana announced Wednesday it will cut its national workforce by 1,400, including 750 full-time positions in Louisville.

Spokeperson Jim Turner says it’s a response to a decrease in enrollment, which fell 11-percent last year.

“A signifcant contributing factor to that is what’s happening in the overall economy and the resulting employment losses experienced by some Humana customers groups, and as the company indicated in the announcement this morning, reducing the workforce is a direct result of Humana’s need to align the size of the company to that of our membership,” he said.

Turner says the company will try to make as many cuts as possible through attrition.

Humana is actually cutting 25-hundred jobs nationally but adding 11-hundred new positions in areas such as pharmacy management and specialty products.

The company has about 10,000 workers in Louisville.