New Albany Sewer Rate Increase Goes To Council This Week

A proposed 70 percent sewer rate increase for New Albany will go before the city council this week.

The council will meet Thursday to discuss the sewer board’s request, which comes after an analyst’s report that showed a dire need for funds to keep up bond payments and make federally mandated infrastructure improvements.

Council president John Gonder says the council won’t be prepared to tackle the financial needs until the body completes its own review of the analyst’s report.

“That’s not to call into question anyone’s motives or talent or anything like that,” he says. “It’s that we have to be, when we’re being asked to take on something like this and approve it, you’ve got to be very careful with what you’re coming up with.”

Gonder says it’s unlikely the council will eventually favor such a large increase. Instead, he says the body will likely look for other sources of funding.