Bayh's Announcement Could Affect Indiana's 9th District

U.S. Senator Evan Bayh of Indiana’s surprise announcement today that he won’t seek re-election has Hoosier Democrats scurrying to find a nominee for the race.

Clark County Democratic Party Chairman Rodney Pate says if 9th District Congressman Baron Hill becomes a candidate for the Senate seat, it will put the district in a lurch.

“It sort of disrupts the whole process and throws the democrat party at a bit of a disadvantage here,” says Pate. “You know, if you’re scrambling to find somebody to fill the seat at last minute notice, it’s not good. It’s not good.”

Because the filing deadline is Friday and the filing process for Senate candidates is more complicated, it’s likely the party nominee will be chosen later by the state Democratic Party’s central committee.

Bayh did not have a Democratic challenger for the primary; four Republicans are seeking the seat.