Negotiations With New Kentucky Kingdom Operators May Start In March

At least four companies have approached the Kentucky State Fair Board about taking over the Kentucky Kindgom amusement park property. But officials aren’t likely to meet with those companies until next month.

In early March a bankruptcy judge is expected to rule on Six Flag’s request to reject its lease on Kentucky Kingdom.

While he doesn’t expect the lease to stand, Fair Board President Harold Workman says he won’t speak with any potential new operators until the ruling.

“I think it’s just prudent on our part not to be out immediately soliciting a new operator while you still have a contract in place; i.e. Six Flags’ contract is still a good contract,” he says.

Workman declined to elaborate on the companies that might take over the Kentucky Kingdom property, but he says the fair board will be looking for a new operator. It’s also unclear how long it would take for a new operator to open a new park at the site.