Toyota Dealer Says Recall News Is Overblown

Toyota is recalling many models of the Prius hybrid due to possible braking issues. The move follows a recall of several other models over accelerator problems. But an area dealer says the automaker’s problems are being unfairly exaggerated.

Carl Swope of Swope Toyota in Elizabethtown says reports of defective Toyotas are overblown.

“The one thing that’s not being reported is any kind of perspective on how rare these cases are,” he says. “All that’s being reported on is this extraordinary number of cars Toyota is recalling and fixing.”

Swope says he’s concerned about what the bad press will mean for Toyota sales, but his customers have generally been pleased with their vehicles and the service they receive. He expects to make adjustments to 50 to 60 recalled Priuses.

Swope says the repairs are easier than the accelerator fix done on the other Toyota models that were recalled earlier this month.

“There’s no hardware. This is a computer re-flash as we call it—it’s a reprogram of this very complex computer program,”” he says.