Louisville's Budget Still in Flux

by scrosby on February 9, 2010

A number of variables are still affecting how Louisville Metro’s budget will end up this year. Mayor Jerry Abramson says the fiscal year ends in June, and a number of factors are still question marks.

He says the city has only gotten 56-percent of the money owed by FEMA from the 2008 windstorm, 19-percent from last year’s ice storm, and zero-percent from August’s flood. Abramson says he visited the FEMA office on a recent trip to the nation’s capital.

“I said to them, you guys got here quickly and you were helpful, there’s no question, but we’d like to have our money,” says Abramson. “IOU’s just get us so far in terms of balancing the budget, we have all these accounts receivables, you know, awaiting for FEMA to respond.”

He says there’s also the question of how many more winter weather events will require the city’s road crews to work. So far this year, there have been six winter weather events that have required overtime work from road crews.

Abramson says his administration will present budget figures to the Metro Council starting next week.

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Bill February 10, 2010 at 8:40 am

Maybe if Jerry Abramson hadn’t mismanaged the budget for the past 7 years of Metro we wouldn’t be in this mess. Maybe if nearly a million wasn’t given away from Cordish, we have less problems. Or the millions that has been spent on the firefighter and police overtime legal cases. Or all the other suits we’ve paid for. Or how we’ve lost 30,000 manufacturing jobs the last 10 years. Or all the lost business and professional jobs. Maybe because we’ve created a service job economy, that explains a lot of why we’re currently broke.

Granted, FEMA rarely does its job in reimbursing on the bills. Look at New Orleans. But the facts are that people like Jerry running this government are most of the problem because they’ve mismanaged the budget. Not to mention the rest of the waste that occurs in government.

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