Ear X-Tacy Owner Concerned For Store's Survival

After nearly 25 years in business, the Ear X-Tacy music store’s future is in doubt.

Ear X-Tacy founder John Timmons released a statement this week saying he’s concerned for his business’ survival. The statement calls for a conference Friday to discuss the store’s future.

General manager Rebecca Cornwell says Timmons hopes to use the meeting to figure out how to keep the store active in the local music scene.

“We are in a very hard time in our lease and our business and we just want to get everybody here,” she says. “We feel like we owe it to the community that has gotten us to where we are to let them know the drastic situation we are in right now and how to help us.”

Music writer Nick Hart with the website Backseat Sandbar says losing Ear X-Tacy would be devastating for the local music scene.

“We’d have a major loss of a resource. Not just a place to purchase music, but a place where people go to hang out and find out what’s going on in the music scene.”

The shop’s lease on its Bardstown Road location expires next month. Hart says he’s curious to know if the store might move to a smaller location or go to online sales only.