Council Committee To Debate Ethics Reform

A revised ethics ordinance for Louisville Metro Government could be passed out of the Metro Council this month.

A bipartisan workgroup has reconciled two conflicting ethics overhauls and sent a resolution to the Government Accountability Committee. But the workgroup did not settle a partisan disagreement over how metro officials’ interactions with family members should be regulated.

Workgroup and committee chair Tina-Ward Pugh says she will propose a compromise to the disagreements at this week’s committee meeting.

“I’m hoping that Mr. Fleming, Mr. Kramer and Mr. Downard—who are members of that committee—will accept that compromise, because I know I will,” she says. “And I’m hoping the other two Democrats will accept that compromise as well.”

The compromise involves adopting language from the state ethics code. Ward-Pugh hopes to discuss the legislation this week and pass it out of committee two weeks later.