PHOTOS: Zoo Welcomes Baby Gorilla

One of the Louisville Zoo’s gorillas gave birth over the weekend. Twenty-year-old western lowland gorilla Mia Moja went into labor and delivered on Saturday.

Zoo director John Walczak says the two of them have been so inseparable, it’s been difficult to determine the baby’s gender.

“Mom is clinging on to the baby,” says Walczak, “and that’s exactly what they need to be doing of course, because in the remnant wild, the moms would be out foraging and moving immediately after birth, so baby needs to cling on and be ready for the ride, but we don’t have a confirmation yet on the gender of the baby.”

Walczak says mother and baby are on display at the zoo’s Gorilla Forest, on a rotating basis with the other gorillas.

Western lowland gorillas are critically endangered and the World Wildlife Fund estimates only 100,000 exist in the wild.

This is the zoo’s second gorilla birth in its 41-year history.