Stumbo, Williams Comment On Secret Taping Dustup

Legislative leaders are weighing in on the secret videotaping of a state senator in her office in the annex of the State Capitol. A man accompanying Republican Jack Ditty last week secretly videotaped a meeting with Democratic Sen. Robin Webb. Webb defeated Ditty in a special election last year, and the two square off again this fall.

Speaker Greg Stumbo says, in this day and age, lawmakers should assume everything’s being taped.

“It’s not against the law. We don’t have a policy on it. I think as a matter of courtesy, it would have been, obviously – it would be nice to do. But I agree with President Williams, in today’s age, you just assume everything that you’re saying is gonna be videotaped. But, politics is a contact sport,” he said Friday morning.

Senate President David Williams agrees lawmakers should conduct themselves as if they’re always being videotaped and says, “I don’t think this is an issue.”