Fair Board President Comments On Six Flags

The head of the Kentucky State Fair Board says he’s still open to negotiations with Six Flags, though a new agreement keep Kentucky Kingdom open may be difficult.

Six Flags announced Thursday that it is unable to come to an agreement over lower rent at the Louisville theme park, and would walk away from the lease. Fair Board President Harold Workman says the company never submitted a formal proposal for lower rent.

“What we received was about a four-line e-mail which said ‘We want rent free and if we make any profit we will share that with you.’ Essentially that’s what it said, and our lead counsel went back to them and said ‘We need a formal proposal, this isn’t really a proposal,” he says.

Workman says any future negotiations must go through a bankruptcy court, as Six Flags is emerging from bankruptcy protection. The fair board may have a further disagreement with Six Flags over the rides. Workman says the Fair Board owns many of them, though Six Flags has indicated the rides could be moved to other parks.