Abramson Says Six Flags Deal Out Of City And State Hands

Mayor Jerry Abramson says there’s nothing he can do to keep Six Flags from walking away from its on the Kentucky Kingdom theme park.

Six Flags is emerging from bankruptcy protection and announced yesterday (Thursday) that it could not work out a new lease agreement for the park with the State Fair Board. Abramson had hoped to help broker a new deal with Six Flags, but he says that’s not possible at this point.

“It’s my view that it’s out of my hands and it’s in the bankruptcy court, and the bankruptcy judge has got to be the ultimate decider of what is over and what is not over, of what will continue and what will not continue,” he says.

The mayor says the situation is more serious than he expected.

“I think the first reaction from a lot of folks is that it’s positioning. After talking to the parties, I’m not sure I have that opinion any longer,” he says.

Abramson says if Six Flags leaves the park, he will try to find a new owner to take over the Kentucky Kingdom water park and the remaining rides.