Texting Bill Advances In Frankfort

From Kentucky Public Radio’s Tony McVeigh

A bill banning text messaging while driving continues moving forward through the Kentucky General Assembly.

Rep. Keith Hall of Phelps says he has seen the light. He voted against the texting bill in committee, but that was before his wife was involved in serious accident in Frankfort.

“And I rushed to the site where my wife was sitting in her vehicle. And they had the big neck brace on her and getting ready to put her on a gurney. And I said, ‘Honey what happened?’ She said, ‘my cell phone rang, and I looked down. And when I looked down, the vehicle darted in front of me, I T-boned her on the East-West Connector at Martin Luther King, and the woman was on a cell phone,’” he said.

Hall voted for the texting ban, which sailed through the House 80-16, and moves to the Senate. The bill prohibits drivers from reading or sending text messages from a moving vehicle.

A similar measure is moving through the Indiana General Assembly.