Lawmakers Pondering Budget Cuts

From Stu Johnson, Kentucky Public Radio/WEKU, Richmond

Kentucky House leaders are still working out details on three to four budget proposals to bring to their members. House Budget Committee Chairman Rick Rand doesn’t expect any firm options to be floated before the majority caucus when it meets Wednesday.

None of the options are expected to assume new revenue, outside of possible additional federal stimulus funds. Rand says reductions in funding for public schools would be a last resort but not out of the question.

“You know if nothing changes….(if there’s) no new revenue, no economic growth it would be hard to imagine how we get through the second year without taking a look at that,” Rand said Tuesday.

When asked about the potential of state employee layoffs, Rand said everything is on the table.

State lawmakers are looking at ways close a project revenue shortfall of up to $1.5 billion over the next two years.