Amanda's Bill Discussion To Resume

Kentucky Public Radio’s Tony McVeigh

Kentucky lawmakers are expected to again take up Amanda’s Bill, as the 2010 General Assembly enters its fifth week.

Amanda’s Bill, which requires electronic monitoring of individuals in some domestic violence cases, has seen no action since January 12th, when it unanimously passed the Kentucky House. It’s now in the Senate Judiciary committee, chaired by Sen. Tom Jensen. Jensen, who was just recently named chair, says he needed some time to get his feet on the ground. But he plans to call Amanda’s Bill for discussion on Thursday.

“It’s such an important bill, I think in a lot of ways, that we need to take a good look at it and make sure it’s going to apply everywhere and work everywhere,” he says “And if it doesn’t, what are we going to do if it doesn’t?”

Amanda’s Bill is named for Amanda Ross, who was murdered outside her Lexington townhouse last September. Awaiting trial for her murder is her ex-fiancée, former Rep. Steve Nunn. Nunn has pleaded Not Guilty.