Safe Schools Report Released, Increase In Violations Shown Locally

Violations of board of education policies were on the rise in Jefferson County schools last year.

The annual Safe Schools Data Project report shows a jump in reported violations in local schools, but an overall decrease statewide.

Kentucky Center for School Safety director Jon Akers says the local increase is either the result of more violations or stricter enforcements. He says new anti-bullying laws and initiatives have led to decreases in violations in other districts. He also says there’s been a decrease in drug possession in schools, but not in drug crimes in general.

“The pushers, the drug distribution issues have increased over the last year or two years I should say, particularly because of marijuana distribution. So even though possession is down, as far as kids are getting caught with them on there, we’re catching more kids who are distributing.”

To see the full report, click here (PDF).