Derby Museum Renovation On Schedule

Officials at the Kentucky Derby Museum say an ambitious renovation project at the flood-damaged facility is on schedule.

Spokesperson Wendy Treinen says rather than just repair the damage caused by the August flash flood, they decided late last year to renovate the entire facility, with the goal of having the $5.5 million project finished by the start of the Kentucky Derby Festival in mid-April. She says the work is proceeding as planned.

“The museum is expecting all the walls to go up on Monday of next week, we expect that to be a fairly short process. The exhibits are being largely constructed in Virginia, so when you walk through you still see an empty place but we’re going to see those here in a couple of months, they’re going to be all trucked in and put into place,” she said.    

Treinen says the museum is still raising money for the project and has applied for a grant from the James Graham Brown Foundation.