Transparency Bill Clears Senate Panel

(Thanks to Stu Johnson, Kentucky Public Radio/WEKU, Richmond)

The full Kentucky Senate will consider legislation that would require that most state government spending information and other financial data be posted online.

The measure, approved Wednesday by a Senate committee, was sparked by recent scandals involving the Kentucky Assocation of Counties and the Kentucky League of Cities, which would also have to post such documents if the bill becomes law.

Committee member Jullian Carroll voted in favor of the measure.

“We’ve got a public that is skeptical, very skeptical, of government. I don’t care what party is running it, they’re just skeptical of it and i strongly believe in communication,” he said.

Panel member Robin Webb also cast a ‘yes’ vote but says there could be some logistical problems.

“The timeline is what concerns me… experience dealing with our government computer systems and various upgrades and potential budget cuts,” she said.

The bill would also cover state-run colleges and univesities, which would send their spending data to the Finance Cabinet for online posting.