Resolution Takes Step Toward Merged Fire Districts

Louisville Metro Councilman Dan Johnson has authored a resolution that would take the first steps toward a unified fire department in Louisville.

Johnson’s resolution asks the state legislature to commission a study on the feasibility and cost of merging the 18 suburban fire districts into the Louisville Fire Department.

“We’d have better management with one person in charge and some other people across the whole county,” he says. “Like we do with the police department, it’d make more sense and probably be cheaper.”

The Democratic councilman’s resolution comes amidst talk of tax increases to fund suburban fire districts, and management controversies in two districts. Republican Councilman Kelly Downard opposes the measure.

“Logic says that that’s a wonderful idea,” he says. “I say no. There are willfully different methods of operation and I think that’s left best to the people who do it, rather than the people who observe it, to make those decisions.”

The resolution will be introduced at Thursday’s council meeting.