Area Toyota Plants See Production Suspensions

by scrosby on January 27, 2010

Toyota employees in Kentucky and Indiana will still report to work next week, though many of them won’t make cars. The automaker announced yesterday it’s halting sales of eight models that were included in a recall last week because of a possible sticky accelerator pedal. That has resulted in a production suspension on those models next week.
At the Toyota plant in Georgetown, Kentucky, spokesperson Rick Hesterberg says there are two production lines, the first one makes Camrys and Avalons, which are included in the recall.
“So the team members next week on line one will be asked, and have the option, of coming to work and receiving their normal pay,” says Hesterberg. “We’ll keep them busy, we’ll do some training and some process-improvement activity throughout the plant.”
He says those 2,500 workers will also have the option of taking vacation time or taking the week off without pay.
Also included in the recall are Highlanders and Sequoias, which are made in Princeton, Indiana. That plant is also not expecting any layoffs because of the production suspension.

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UAW Supporter January 28, 2010 at 10:57 am

Too Bad those folks didn’t join the uaw. Time off with no pay ??? Vacation time used up ?? What a caring company

Stephanie Crosby January 28, 2010 at 11:58 am

Thanks for your comment, UAW supporter, but just to be clear, the Toyota plants in Georgetown and Princeton are not laying anyone off next week. The people who want to can come to work next week, and though they won’t be producing cars, they will work and receive their regular pay.

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